Google Assistant support for 3rd-party notes & lists apps begins rolling out

Google Assistant support for 3rd-party notes & lists apps begins rolling out

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Google Assistant is great for a lot of things, but being able to maintain lists and a set of notes is a great feature that gets overlooked. The company originally let the service tap into Google Keep in order to maintain our shopping lists. However, that was suddenly changed and said shopping lists began showing up in the company’s Google Express application. This year at Google I/O the company said they would stop forcing this and allow the virtual assistant to use 3rd-party applications for lists and notes. We are just starting to see reports about this new feature rolling out to a select number of people.

The switch from Google Keep to Google Express made a lot of people upset, but they just recently switched it back. It felt as if Google was funneling people into using their shopping application but there was an interesting way to bypass it. Google was made well aware that the community wanted to use Google Assistant to create lists and notes using their favorite 3rd-party application. This was made apparent at Google I/O when the company announced Google Assistant would be able to integrate with other 3rd-party services including, Bring!, Google Keep, AnyList, Remember the Milk, Picniic, and more.

As with many new features announced at Google I/O though, we typically aren’t given a release date for when those features will begin to roll out. Although, the latest beta of the Google app shows this feature is closer than you may expect. To see if it’s live for you, dive into the settings of the Google Assistant and look for the Servies menu option. You should find a new option here labeled “Notes and Lists” and this is where you’ll find all of the 3rd-party applications that support this feature with Google Assistant.

With it, you’ll be able to manage multiple lists and individual notes using only your voice. Another interesting change is the “None” option here that let you keep a set of lists and notes, but it will not sync that data with any service.

Source: 9to5Google