Google Assistant adds a curated news playlist called “Your News Update”

Google Assistant adds a curated news playlist called “Your News Update”

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Google Assistant has had several different methods for reciting news over the years. You can set up a Routine that includes a rundown of news stories or simply ask for news about a specific topic or from a particular publication. Google is now introducing a new service for Google Assistant called “Your News Update” that uses an algorithm to tailor news to your interests.

The idea of a curated or algorithmically created “news feed” is certainly not new, but Google is using it to read the news aloud with Google Assistant on Google Home devices. All you have to say is “listen to the news” after enabling the setting. Google builds a custom news playlist with information it knows about you and your location. The result is short news updates from Google Assistant’s existing library of sources, which includes publications like ABC, Cheddar, The Associated Press, CNN, and more.

Google talks about how the “audio web” is booming now with podcasts and so much audio content. This new “Your News Update” feature replaces the old method of telling Google what sources and topics you are interested in and putting it in the order you want to hear. The new feature is much more hands-off, which isn’t always a good thing, but Google is confident in its ability to provide you the news you’re interested in. The good news is users can choose between the old method and the new feature.

“Your New Update” is rolling out first in English in the US and it will expand next year. You can find it in the Google Assistant app under the “You” tab. Navigate to News and switch your News playlist format.

Source: Google