Google Assistant gets new alarm clock features, Lenovo Smart Clock now available

Google Assistant gets new alarm clock features, Lenovo Smart Clock now available

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Smart Display devices work really well in two rooms of your house: the kitchen and bedroom. Having a small display that can be controlled with your voice is perfect for cooking and laying in bed. Today, the bedside functionality is getting even better with the Lenovo Smart Clock. Google and Lenovo have worked together to bring more alarm clock features to Google Assistant.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a small “smart display,” announced at CES, similar to the Google Nest Hub. The big difference with this device is the focus on alarm clock features. The touchscreen display is only 4-inches and not high-res, but it can get very, very dark for when you’re sleeping. Google has also added more functionality to the Google Assistant’s alarm clock feature set. This smart display is really at home on your nightstand.

First of all, it has the same features as other smart displays, but the small display means you can’t cast video. It still has all the music streaming you could want, though. Google Assistant can suggest the best time for your alarm to be set based on alarm history and events in your calendar. The Sunrise Alarm feature will gradually light up the display over 30 minutes to wake you up more naturally.

An important part of every alarm clock is the snooze feature. With the Lenovo Smart Clock, you can simply tap the top of the device or say “Stop” without the “Hey Google” command to turn off an alarm. The Lenovo Smart Clock is available now for $80 from Best Buy and Walmart. We expect these Google Assistant alarm clock features to roll out to other smart displays, but Google did not confirm this in the blog post.

Source: Google