Google Assistant is Coming to Android TV, Starting with the NVIDIA Shield TV

Google Assistant is Coming to Android TV, Starting with the NVIDIA Shield TV

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Google may have been late to the game when it came to getting Google Assistant into the home, but the company has been working hard to allow 3rd-party developers the ability to integrate it into their products. We’re already starting to see these products appearing but many have wondered why it hasn’t been made available for Android TV yet. We already knew they were working on this and starting today NVIDIA Shield TV owners can use Google Assistant right on their set-top box.

We tend to see this type of service availability issue crop up a lot when dealing with new offerings from Google. It’s inevitable now that Google will launch a new service and make it only available to those in the United States at first. This can go on for months and months before even reaching other countries or territories, such as the United Kingdom. Devices that are eligible for a new service Google has launched also go through this and this is something we saw with Google Assistant only officially being made available for the Pixel phones for a long time last year.

People were wondering why they couldn’t use Google Assistant on Android TV devices, as most of the more popular products come with a remote that has a microphone embedded in them. Voice commands for the Nexus Player were even something the company used to market the device. So now, the company has announced Google Assistant is coming to Android TV devices, but the rollout is slow as the NVIDIA Shield TV is the only set-top box that is mentioned in the announcement article.

We’re told it will be launching on the NVIDIA Shield TV later today, and that we can expect it to land on Sony Bravia TVs “in the coming months.” Sadly though, we don’t see any mention of other Android TV set-top boxes from anyone else.

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