Google brings back the automatic parking location card in Google Assistant

Google brings back the automatic parking location card in Google Assistant

It has happened to everyone. You’re walking out to the parking lot or ramp and the thought hits you: “where did I park?” There are a bunch of ways that technology can help with this problem. You can simply take a photo of the street signs, type the ramp level in your notes app, or open Google Maps and press the blue location dot. But what if Google Assistant could remember for you with no input on your end?

Sound familiar? Google launched that very feature all the way back in 2014 as a part of the now defunct “Google Now.” A card would appear in the Now feed that showed your parking location on a map. At some point, this feature was removed. You could ask Google Assistant to remember your parking location, but it wouldn’t do it without a prompt from you. Now, the automatic card is making a return.


google assistant parking screenshot

The card now shows up in the Google Assistant “My Day” feed. Google uses your location history to estimate where you stopped driving and started walking. If you use the manual Google Maps option mentioned above or ask Assistant to remember, it will use that location on the card. I’ve used the voice command with Assistant before and it’s really convenient, but having it automatically remember is even easier.

Google is slowly rolling the feature out to users. Reddit users u/andyooo was one of the first to notice the card showing up in Google Assistant. Let us know if you notice this feature making its triumphant return.

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