Google Assistant on the Phone Can Now Control Chromecast Music and TV Playback

Google Assistant on the Phone Can Now Control Chromecast Music and TV Playback

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When the Google Assistant was officially announced, many looked at it as a beefed up and more personal version of Google Now. This was a predictive virtual assistant that the company had been working on for quite a while and even released a new feature for it called Google Now on Tap, before replacing the system in favor of Assistant. This caused a fragmentation regarding what Google Now, Google Assistant on the phone and Google Assistant from Google Home could do. The company has been working to pull things together, and now you can control Chromecast music and TV playback through Google Assistant on the phone.

The fact that we have to say “Google Assistant on the phone” shows you how fragmented this stuff is. Previously, it has been possible to order things from Google Express with your voice if you owned a Google Home device. If you tried to do the same with Assistant on the phone though, you were greeted with an error message. They just announced yesterday that Google Express shopping is coming to the Google Assistant experience on the phone soon so it shows that they’re working to bring things closer together.

Currently, the company has embedded their Google Assistant on the phone, in Google Home, Allo, and on Android TV and each of them can give you a different results depending on what you’re trying to do (at least for some tasks). A big example of this is when you’re trying to play something on a Chromecast device. Google Home owners were able to speak a command to play something on a particular Chromecast device, but if you tried this from Allo or the built-in Assistant feature then it wouldn’t work.

As the company continues to work out these little (but many) discrepancies, it shows that they’re not giving up on the problem and continuing work to improve the user experience. A number of people have sent in reports to Android Police that tell them the feature finally works when issuing the voice command via Google Assistant on the phone. The feature works with both music as well as video, and you’re even able to specify which Chromecast device you want to send the media to.

Source: Android Police