Google Assistant adds Clock routines, Broadcast replies, and more new stuff

Google Assistant adds Clock routines, Broadcast replies, and more new stuff

Google continues to put time and resources into their virtual personal assistant and today the company announced a number of new features. These new features seemed to be focused around the holiday season, but they can also be used all year-long in various ways depending on the situation. There’s a lot being added here but the highlights of the update include clock routines, broadcast replies, and some additional enhancements that have been added onto previous features that we’ve already been using with Google Assistant.

First up, we have broadcast replies which are an enhancement of the regular Broadcast feature. Before, Broadcast let you send a message from your smartphone to your smart speakers throughout your house. This was a one-way feature though, so Google has made it even more useful by adding the ability to reply back from a smart speaker or Smart Display to your phone. The reply will be displayed as a pop-up and the message will be transcribed. Naturally, the original sender can respond back via text or voice and the conversation can continue.

Another major feature is the addition of Routines to the Clock application for Android. The idea here begins when an alarm goes off and you go to dismiss it. As soon as the alarm has been dismissed Google Assistant can begin to execute a routine (which triggers multiple things in order). This can be anything from informing you about the traffic for your daily commute, telling you about the weather for the day, or integrating with other connected devices and turning on your coffee maker.


Google is even making smart displays smarter for the kitchen by enhancing the recipe feature that has been launched with them. Not only do you already get step by step instructions for making that perfect meal but now you will begin to see Recommended Recipes card directly on the home screen. Not only that, but these recipes will be updated regularly depending on what time of day it is (eg. suggesting breakfast recipes in the morning) and will also change depending on what season it is.

There was no time frame given for these updates, but with the focus on the holiday season, we expect to see them soon.

Source: Google