Google Assistant will soon support Continued Conversations, Multiple Searches, and “Pretty Please”

Google Assistant will soon support Continued Conversations, Multiple Searches, and “Pretty Please”

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In the ever-going war of whose got the best AI assistant, Google is aiming to make Google Assistant much more than a simple phone assistant and trying to put it forward against other alternatives like Alexa and Siri. They’re definitely doing really awesome stuff, including new, nifty features yearly with the sole aim of making your life easier. At Google I/O 2018, Google has announced that the Google Assistant is getting even smarter and a lot more functional and conversational.

Back and forth conversations with your Google Assistant are about to get a lot more fluid and responsive: by eliminating the need of saying “Hey Google” before every single command, it makes the Google Assistant a lot more conversational and simplifies the back and forth conversations. Just say “Hey Google” followed by your command of choice, and you will initiate a fluid, on-going conversation with your Assistant on your phone, Google Home, or another device.

The Assistant is also getting “multiple actions”. With Multiple Actions, it’ll be able to understand and respond to more than one query at a time. You can tell it to tune into your favorite show and dim the lights in one single sentence, instead of separating it into different queries. This will allow the Google Assistant to understand more complex, difficult questions and respond to them accordingly.

While Routines were introduced earlier this year, it gave Google Assistant the option to get multiple things done with a single command, but it only allowed you to use six, predefined routines. This will be changing in the next Google Assistant update, as you will be able to configure custom routines. Create a keyword, tell it what to do when that keyword is triggered, and you’re done! Additionally, a “Pretty Please” feature, which will give children positive reinforcement like games and stories after asking nicely, will also be rolling out in the future.

Last but not least, it will also be getting more customizable. You’ll have the option to select from 6 different voices for the Google Assistant-including John Legend’s voice-in a future update. Previously, capturing AI voices took hundreds and even thousands of hours inside a recording studio, but Google’s AI and WaveNet technologies now allow to capture them a lot less effortlessly for both Google and the voice actor.

All of these features will be rolling out to Android phones and Google Home devices—and other GA-powered devices—in the coming weeks, depending on your location and language.

Source: Google