Google Assistant’s new daylong routine lets you trigger actions at different times of day

Google Assistant’s new daylong routine lets you trigger actions at different times of day

After rolling out the ability to add a delay to Google Assistant routines for select users, Google is now adding a new option to routines to let users trigger multiple actions throughout the day.

When you create a routine from the Google Assistant settings or the Google Home app, you’ll see a new “Want to schedule a Daylong Routine” option appear towards the bottom left of the page (via 9to5Google). Tapping on Yes will turn on the Daylong Routine option, allowing you to add multiple actions that can be set to automatically trigger at different times throughout the day. Meanwhile, a new Enable Routine toggle has also been added at the top of the screen to let users quickly disable or enable a routine.


Once you enable the Daylong Routine option, you’ll be asked to add a new time and then choose an action. You can add multiple actions for a given time and can also change the order of actions as well as choose what days you want the routine to run.



You can use the “Add new time” button to trigger different actions at different times of the day. For example, you can set whether and commute updates to trigger at 7 AM, have Assistant play news at 8 AM, have your bedroom lights change color at 7 PM, and so on.

Daylong Routines are indeed a welcome addition to the Google Assistant as they take the pain out of having to create and edit multiple single-action routines.

The Daylong Routine option appears to be widely rolling out to Google Assistant users via a server-side update. The option will be accessible from the Google Assistant settings page as well as the Google Home app. It can be paired with the recently added “Delay start” option to greatly customize your automated Routines.

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