Google Assistant Gains Local Delivery and Home Service Support in the US

Google Assistant Gains Local Delivery and Home Service Support in the US

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These days, there’s not much the Google Assistant can’t do. The platform’s cloud-powered intelligence and contextual awareness helps it serve up answers to current events questions, the weather, commute time, and more. And thanks to a growing portfolio of third-party apps, it’s getting better every day.

But despite the Google Assistant’s versatility, it hasn’t always been great at helping with local stuff. In the past, if you wanted to find a nearby restaurant that delivered your house, for instance, or hire a nearby electrician, the Google Assistant couldn’t be of much assistance. Starting next week on Android devices, the iPhone, and Assistant-enabled speakers like Google Home in major US cities, though, that’s changing — the Assistant’s gaining local directory services for handymen, plumbers, household cleaners, and other categories of on-demand services.

Wondering how it’ll work? Say you need a plumber. When you ask the Google Assistant for nearby plumbing services by shouting, “OK Google, find me a plumber”, it’ll prompt you to elaborate on the plumbing problem you’re having. If it’s a clogged drain, for instance, it’ll ask to confirm your address and (1) prompt you to schedule a call with the nearest business or (2) supply a list of alternative plumbers.

You won’t get someone at random. Google says it’s working with HomeAdvisor and Porch to screen providers and ensure a high level of service. In cities that don’t have guaranteed or screened providers, the Google Assistant won’t be able to book a reservation for you, but will supply a list of search results instead.

If you’re interested in how the Google Assistant’s local features work, check out the press release. Google says the feature’s rolling out over the coming week.

Source: Google Blog