Google Assistant is coming to Waze and getting a new driving mode

Google Assistant is coming to Waze and getting a new driving mode

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Google I/O 2019 is running at top speed as announcements are coming in hot. The Google Assistant portion of the event just wrapped up and there were a number of very exciting features show off. One area that is getting some love is driving and Waze. Assistant is getting a new Driving Mode and integration with Waze.

Assistant was already brought to Google Maps earlier this year, but now it’s coming to Google’s other navigation app as well. More importantly, Google Assistant is getting a new mode that is tailored for driving. A new dashboard is tailored to be hands-free and voice-forward. It puts the information you need while driving front and center.

For example, if you have a dinner reservation on your calendar, you’ll see directions to the location when entering Driving Mode. Or maybe you started a podcast at home, you’ll see controls to resume it in the car. If a call comes in you can hear the caller’s name and decide to answer or decline without ever touching your phone. To start Driving Mode, simply say “Hey Google, let’s drive. The feature is rolling out this Summer to all Android phones with Google Assistant.

Source: Google