Google Assistant fast forward & rewind voice controls now work on all devices

Google Assistant fast forward & rewind voice controls now work on all devices

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Google has released a number of exclusive features for the Google Home‘s virtual assistant. With the ability to chain together commands and access more in-depth music controls, it’s better than the Assistant on phones. Google hasn’t forgotten about us regular people though, and you’re now able to fast forward and rewind music with just your voice. It works on Android, Android TV, Chromebooks, and Android Auto, according to a report from AndroidCentral. It looks like all you need is the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant is getting smarter. Simply saying “Hey Google, fast forward 10 seconds” will do exactly what you think it does. It’s a small quality of life feature that’s been available to Google Home users for a long time. Useful for those who may be in the shower and not able to get on their phone, or those driving. There are a lot of use cases for this, and its addition is useful for a lot of people. That’s not to say it’s perfect though, as what works and doesn’t work is at the mercy of Google. The report from AndroidCentral notes that you cannot use this with YouTube Music, which launched in a lot of the countries recently.

That’s not to say that when it works it’s perfect either. It doesn’t recognize what device is actually playing and instead opts for the closest, which can be incorrect. As a result, it doesn’t detect playing music at times. It’s a frustrating issue for users to be faced with, but it’s clearly a work in progress.

Users can expect to receive the update soon if they haven’t already. I already have it in Ireland and was able to say “Hey Google, fast forward 40 seconds on Spotify.” Give it a try and let us know down in the comments if your Google Assistant has it!

Via: AndroidCentral