Google Assistant now provides richer visual responses on Android

Google Assistant now provides richer visual responses on Android

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As one of the most important products for the company, Google is constantly tweaking Google Assistant. We’ve seen numerous UI updates and feature improvements over the years. Last year saw a pretty big visual refresh that coincided with the introduction of smart displays. Today, Google has announced more visual updates for Assistant on Android.

This latest batch of UI tweaks is in the name of providing “better visual responses and more complete information at a glance.” It’s picking up where last years update left off and adding more visual responses. One area that will see a big change is search results in lists. Previously, Assistant would display a list of text, but now it can display images as well. This makes the results more useful on a display.

Another example is asking Assistant about stocks. Instead of just seeing the current information, you can now get a big card with history and other viewing options. Event information looks much more appealing with image previews now as well. And when the response is just Google web results, the list will be displayed vertically instead of a horizontal carousel.

Google says this new visual update is rolling out now to Android phones. Assistant updates can take a while to appear on devices, so be patient if you’re not seeing this new look right away. We’re glad to see Google is updating Assistant to look better on devices with displays. Do you like the new look of Assistant results on phones?

Source: Google