This is the Google Assistant UI that likely shows when you dock the Google Pixel 3 into the Pixel Stand

This is the Google Assistant UI that likely shows when you dock the Google Pixel 3 into the Pixel Stand

Google is set to unveil the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL at their annual hardware event (albeit at a different time and place from earlier years.) There’s little we don’t know about the upcoming Google Pixel 3 XL thanks to pre-production units making their way to the Ukraine and Russia. Even the Pixel 3 XL’s smaller sibling, the Pixel 3, recently appeared on camera. We know nearly all the specifications, the design, and even some of the new software features. We’ve long suspected that the Google Pixel 3 series will feature wireless charging and the latest leaks confirmed the feature. We’ve also heard about a possible wireless charging dock for the device called the “Pixel Stand.” Now, we’ve managed to activate the special UI in Google Assistant that likely launches when you dock the Google Pixel 3 or Google Pixel 3 XL into the Pixel Stand.

Google Assistant’s Docked UI for the Google Pixel 3 in the Pixel Stand

This new user interface, enabled by XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899 (Kieron Quinn of Mighty Quinn Apps), is activated when a special intent is sent to the Google App with the “launched_by_dock” flag set to “true.” This lines up nicely with the “dreamliner” wireless charging dock support we found in Android P beta 2 as well as the Pixel Stand strings we found in the Google App. As a reminder, here are the strings we found in Google App version 8.14:

<string name="trusted_dock_action_text">I Agree</string>
<string name="trusted_dock_cancel_text">No thanks</string>
<string name="trusted_dock_message">Your Assistant can use your personal info to make suggestions, answer questions, and take actions for you when your phone is locked and on your Pixel Stand</string>
<string name="trusted_dock_title">Get personalized help when your phone is on your Pixel Stand</string>

According to the strings, when the Google Pixel device is docked, Google Assistant can make personalized suggestions, answer questions, and do other actions even if the phone is locked. This means the dock can be set up as a trusted device so you can use Assistant commands you wouldn’t otherwise be able to when the phone is locked and isn’t on the dock. According to the screenshots of the new interface, here’s what’ll be available for you when you dock the Pixel 3 into the Pixel Stand:

  • Weather information
  • Set a reminder
  • Set a timer
  • Play a game
  • Make a phone call
  • Read my messages
  • Play music
  • Set an alarm
  • Set a timer
  • Play news
  • Explore what’s new

Here are screenshots of the new interface, courtesy of Quinny899:

Note: The “confidental” watermark is because of another flag needed to make this work. Enabling that flag plasters the user’s Google accounts all over the screen. This is done to protect against leaks from Google App dogfooders, of which Kieron is not a member.

Keep in mind that we activated this new user interface using the latest beta version of the Google App. Google may still add more features or tweak the user interface before they launch the Pixel 3 and the Pixel Stand. If we find any changes in a future version of Google Assistant, we’ll let you all know. If you’re interested in downloading the latest version of the Google App, you can do so from the Play Store link below.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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