New Google Assistant Commands Sync Your Smart Home Devices

New Google Assistant Commands Sync Your Smart Home Devices

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Smart home devices make life so much more convenient. Having lights automatically turn on when you enter the house is pure magic, as is programming the door to lock automatically when you leave. There are a ton of tasks you can automate with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, but sadly, it’s not always that simple — hundreds of companies make smart home devices, and not all of them conform to the same standards and specifications. Luckily, Google’s making inroads in unifying things with the Google Assistant, which added a new way to sync smart home devices on Monday.

Here’s how it works: Say, “OK Google, sync my lights,” and the Google Assistant on your smartphone or Google Home will refresh all of the connected smart lights in your house so that they can be properly controlled with Google Home. A “sync my devices” voice command does the same thing, but broadens the scope a bit — it performs a full refresh of all of your smart appliances and devices.

The idea behind the new Google Assistant voice commands is to detect and sync any devices you recently added to the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Say, for example, that you went out and bought some smart light bulbs. You only buy a few for one room, but enjoy the experience so much that you go out and buy some more for a different room. Most of the time, the Google Assistant will recognize the second set of lights just fine, but every once in a while, it doesn’t. The Google Home app has a built-in troubleshooter, but the new Google Assistant commands save you the trouble of having to pull out your smartphone.

The new commands are live on smartphones and Google Home devices starting today. If your smart home appliances haven’t been behaving lately, it’s worth giving them a go.

Via: Android Police Source: Google Support