[Update: Rolling Out] Google Assistant in Chrome brings Google’s Duplex AI to the web

[Update: Rolling Out] Google Assistant in Chrome brings Google’s Duplex AI to the web

Update (11/21/19 @ 2:35 PM ET): Google Assistant on Chrome is rolling out now for buying movie tickets.

At Google I/O 2019, one of the big announcements was Google Duplex being added to websites. The idea was to have Google fill in your information and simplify the process of buying movie tickets or reserving a car. While Google didn’t announce an official date during I/O, they did mention they would have more details later in the year. The company still hasn’t announced anything official, but it seems like they started to test Duplex on the web under the new name “Google Assistant in Chrome.”


As AndroidPolice noticed earlier today, Google Assistant started showing up as a way to buy movie tickets in Google Chrome. I checked my Galaxy Fold after seeing the article, and to my surprise, I had access to Google Assistant in Chrome. Clicking the Assistant button will open the page and start helping you fill out the information while simplifying the process. Below you can see a video of the process. Though the video doesn’t show it, at the end of the process, it asks for a contact email and payment method.

As I previously mentioned, Google showed this off working with more than just movies. Their main example was actually booking a rental car. While that isn’t available, Google did show it off and is likely testing it for the full release of Google Assistant in Chrome. Google also showed off filling information from earlier purchases. I wasn’t able to test this because I haven’t previously used Assistant in Chrome.

While we don’t know specifically when Google Assistant in Chrome will launch with its full feature set, we will wait patiently for it. It’s a very cool and useful service. It easily simplifies the process and makes it faster and easier. We can only hope for more services and wider support added to Assistant in Chrome later on.

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Update: Rolling Out

Google is now officially rolling out “Google Assistant on Chrome” for buying movie tickets. You can use movie commands that have been around for a while, like “show me showtimes for Star Wars” and next to the times you’ll see a “Buy tickets” button with the Assistant icon. Once you tap the button, Google will guide you through the process of picking seats and buying the tickets. It’s not a completely hands-off experience, like how Duplex can make reservations for you, but it is fast and easy. Google says they will be expanding this to more tasks in the future, including car rentals.

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