Google Assistant’s quick phrases will let you ditch the “Hey Google” hotword

Google Assistant’s quick phrases will let you ditch the “Hey Google” hotword

Back in April, a mysterious “voice shortcuts” page popped up for some users in Google Assistant’s settings page. The page directed users to internal Google documentation for a feature code-named guacamole. A few months later in June, we learned that that the feature would be called “quick phrases” and allow users to ditch the “Hey Google” hotword for common voice interactions. Now, more details have emerged about how this upcoming feature will work.

According to 9to5Google, Quick phrases will let you perform a wide range of tasks without having to say the “Hey Google” hotword. For example, if you want to ask the Assistant about the weather, you won’t have to say the customary “Hey Google” first. Instead, you can just say “What’s the weather?” and the Assistant will be able to pick it up and respond.


Screenshots shared by 9to5Google shows Quick phrases will be divided across various categories such as Recommended, Alarms, Connect, General info, Lights, Media Controls, Timers, and To-Dos.

Google currently plans to add the following Quick phrases:

  • Set alarms: “Set an alarm for 7 a.m.”
  • Cancel alarms: “Cancel the alarm”
  • Show alarms: “What time is my alarm set for?”
  • Send broadcasts: “Send a broadcast”
  • Respond to calls: “Answer” & “Decline”
  • Ask about time: “What time is it?”
  • Ask about weather: “What’s the weather?”
  • Turn lights on & off: “Turn the lights on”
  • Turn lights up & down: “Increase the brightness”
  • Control volume: “Turn up the volume”
  • Pause & resume music: “Pause the music”
  • Skip tracks: “Skip this song”
  • Set timers: “Set a timer for 2 minutes”
  • Cancel timers: “Cancel the timer”
  • Pause & resume timers: “Pause the timer”
  • Reset timers: “Reset the timer”
  • Show timers: “How much time is left?”
  • Reminders: “Create a reminder”
  • Family notes: “Create a family note”

The Quick phrases feature is still under development and hasn’t been rolled out to users yet. It’s unclear whether the feature will be limited to newer Nest speakers and smart displays or if it will be available on older Google Home speakers as well.

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