You can now send reminders for friends and family via Google Assistant

You can now send reminders for friends and family via Google Assistant

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Have you ever wanted to set a reminder for someone else? Maybe you’ve wanted to tell someone to pick up something at the shop once they get there, or remind them to do something when you leave the house. A new Google Assistant update that will soon roll out in English in the U.S., U.K., and Australia will allow you to create reminders for anybody in your Google Family group. You can also create a reminder for anyone who has their account linked to the same smart display or speaker as you and is voice-matched. The feature will also be available on the Google Nest Hub Max when it’s available next month. Google has been working on bolstering Assistant as of late, introducing features such as message reading and sending text messages from the lock screen.

Google describes the feature in a blog post, giving examples on how to use it and what exactly it’s capable of.

To assign a reminder, ask your Assistant, “Hey Google, remind Greg to take out the trash at 8pm.” Greg will get a notification on both his Assistant-enabled Smart Display, speaker and phone when the reminder is created, so that it’s on his radar. Greg will get notified again at the exact time you asked your Assistant to remind him. You can even quickly see which reminders you’ve assigned to Greg, simply by saying, “Hey Google, what are my reminders for Greg?” 

You can even remind someone to do something when they get to a specific location. Once a reminder is created for someone, it will be announced on all of that person’s connected devices via a notification. If you’re worried about potentially getting inundated with notifications and reminders, you can block anyone from creating reminders for you in your Google Assistant settings. The feature is being rolled out just in time for this coming school year and should help families and housemates to manage tasks efficiently.

Source: Google