Google Assistant routines are coming to Android TV

Google Assistant routines are coming to Android TV

Update: A Google PR spokesperson reached out to clarify some details about this news. There will not be a preset “Showtime” routine. Users will be able to create a custom routine that includes Android TV devices. The original article follows:

One of the most powerful features of Google Assistant is Routines. Announced back at the Made by Google event in 2017, Routines rolled out last year. A Routine is basically a string of commands that are executed when you say a specific phrase. A common example is turning on lights and playing music when you say “OK Google, good morning.” Google will soon roll out a routine for Android TV devices.


Routines were previously able to control smart home devices and work with Google Home speakers. You could also include Android TV devices in these routines by adding things like “turn off the Living Room TV” as a custom command. Soon, Google Assistant will get a dedicated Routine for Android TV called “Showtime.” This will show up in the list along with the other presets such as “Good morning” and “bedtime.”

Coming soon, you’ll be able to set up a routine with the Google Assistant. Just say “showtime,” to dim the lights, draw the curtains and start a thriller all from the comfort of your couch.

The Showtime routine should work just like any other routine. You’ll be able to add smart home devices and control your TV, so you can dim the lights and start a movie with the command. Again, this was technically possible with Android TV boxes before, but having a default Google Assistant routine should help more people realize it.

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