Google Assistant routines are now supported in French, Spanish, German, and more languages

Google Assistant routines are now supported in French, Spanish, German, and more languages

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The Google Assistant comes preloaded on most Android smartphones and is the driving force behind products like the Google Home. It’s pretty great if you live in an English-speaking country, but it could be considered lacking in some aspects if you don’t speak English or would rather it speak your native tongue. Routines were such feature that the Google Assistant used to lack in certain languages. Routines allow you to have your Google Assistant execute a chain of pre-determined commands based on a phrase that you have chosen. This started with the “My Day” feature, which reads you the news, weather, calendar events, and more. Personalized routines are now supported in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese and more.

It’s about time that the routines feature rolled out worldwide. Previously, for me, the Google Home Mini did not support routines in English (Ireland). Now the feature is available for me and for other languages too. Routines are useful as you can create short phrases that will execute chained commands quickly. You could, for example, configure an “I’m home” command which would turn on your lights and play music. It has a lot of versatility, and it’s yet another way to automate your home.

Google’s support page confirms the addition, but with one small caveat. Those who speak Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish will not be able to use routines if their Google Assistant is in their native tongue. Given that support has just been expanded, it’s probably likely that we’ll see language support expanded even further to those four languages. An easy way around that is to switch to another supported language, as there are no region restrictions on most of the features included in the Google Assistant. If you speak one of those four languages, you can still use the “My Day” feature as well.

Source: Google Via: AndroidPolice