You don’t need to grab your phone to edit some Google Assistant features

You don’t need to grab your phone to edit some Google Assistant features

Google Assistant and Alexa are two of the best voice assistants out there. When it comes to answering queries and holding conversations, you’ll find that Google Assistant is much better than most voice assistants out there. On the other hand, Alexa excels at smart home integration and wider availability that stretches beyond smartphones. Since Alexa is also available on PC, you can control your smart home devices, tweak settings, edit features and preferences, and more without having to grab your phone.

Unlike Alexa, Google Assistant doesn’t have a client for the web or desktop. That means if you want to change some preferences, edit routines, add something to your shopping list and so on, you would have to reach for your Android or iOS device.


But as it turns out, many of the settings pages in the Google App are actually just WebViews, which means you can access these same pages if you know the exact URL. Below, we’ve put together a list of Google Assistant settings pages you can access from your PC’s web browser. Note that these pages aren’t optimized for PC, so the layout will look like a mobile web page stretched to fit your PC’s screen.

Note: Make sure you’re signed in with the same Google Account in your browser as your phone before you access any of these Google Assistant pages.

The next time you’re not near your phone and want to add something to your shopping list or check your reminders, you can click one of the URLs from above to get things done from the comfort of your PC browser. You can also bookmark this page or the URLs that you think you’ll be visiting.

Let us know in the comments below if you find a URL we should add for another Google Assistant feature!

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