Shopping lists in Google Assistant to once again be saved in Google Keep

Shopping lists in Google Assistant to once again be saved in Google Keep

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For those who like to shop online, Google Express can be quite the handy little service from the Mountain View tech giant. The service has partnered with dozens of other retailers since it was launched and has matured to the point where they offer a lot of different products. However, at one point Google thought it would be a good idea to use the service’s shopping list feature when someone used Google Assistant to add an item to their shopping list. Naturally, this seemed like their way to force people to use the service but many just wanted a simple shopping list in the Google Keep application. It seems that change may be reverting back in the future as someone from the Google Keep team commented on Reddit to say it “be here before you know it.”

One of Android’s strong points is its customization features so when we see companies force their preferences onto the user it tends to make people upset. We saw this when Samsung kept fighting community developers each time they tried to create an application that remapped the Bixby button. This happened again with Google Assistant when they began forcing people to use the Google Express shopping list feature instead of Google Keep like many had enjoyed using in the past.

Earlier this year we actually found a way to bypass this Google Express shopping list issue when using Google Assistant, but having to find workarounds for something that should be a simple option never feels right. At Google I/O this year, the company said they would be bringing Google Assistant integration back into Google Keep and someone on the Google Keep team says this will be happening very soon. The application just received a Material Design overhaul and it started a conversation in the /r/Android SubReddit.

Naturally, people began talking about if the popular shopping list feature with Google Assistant would be coming back soon and it looks like it will. Beyond saying that the Google Assistant integration with Google Keep will “be here before you know it,” they also specifically confirmed that we will be able to save our shopping lists in Google Keep rather than Google Express.

Source: /u/al3d