Google Assistant’s Snapshot feature now shows more reminders and recommendations

Google Assistant’s Snapshot feature now shows more reminders and recommendations

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Google Assistant’s helpful Snapshot feature is expanding to add new reminders and recommendations to keep you on task, according to a new blog post by Google.

When the Google Assistant Snapshot feature launched a few years ago, it featured information cards for your upcoming schedule, your daily commute time, and your recent online orders, among other things. With expanded reminders support, you’ll now see upcoming birthdays and holidays. When a birthday card pops up in your Snapshot, you can tap on the card to see suggestions for things like calling, texting, or even singing a personalized birthday song.

Snapshot will also improve and expand upon its recommendations. Before, users would see more general recommendations for things like Google searches and streaming a playlist. Using your personal data, the new Snapshot will now recommend recipes, podcasts, and nearby restaurants that deliver.

As always, your Snapshot feed will dynamically change throughout the day based on what time it is and your interactions with Assistant. (You don’t want to get breakfast recipes during dinner time, and vice versa, for example.)


In addition to new reminders and recommendations, Google said users can easily see their Snapshot by saying, “Hey Google, show me my day.” Users can also see their Snapshot by activating Google Assistant and tapping on the icon in the bottom left corner. You can see the new Snapshot features now in the Google Assistant app for iOS and Android.