Google Assistant on Phones is now Available in Spain

Google Assistant on Phones is now Available in Spain

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Google has a history of trying as many things in as many ways as possible and seeing what sticks and what doesn’t. However, they generally limit these new features or services to the United States for testing purposes and this causes millions of people to miss out on the latest in Google software. When Google commits to something though, they work to slowly expand the service or feature to other countries and today Spanish users in Spain can now use Google Assistant on their smartphones.

Google Assistant is definitely not something that the company will be giving up anytime soon. Therefore we’ve seen them expanding this to other countries for a while now while also adding in some features to make those people feel right at home. We saw this recently with the multi-user feature being added to Google Home in the UK and then we saw it again with Actions on Google being made available in Australia. Now it looks like Google has completed the initial work to get Google Assistant working in Spain.

Spanish users in Spain got their first taste of Google Assistant when the company brought Allo to the country in May of this year. Today, they have announced that Google Assistant will now be available to those with an Android smartphone running Marshmallow, Nougat or Oreo. This lead up time has given them the ability to fine tune everything for the Spanish language so it should now feel just as conversational as it does in other countries.

While some features might be missing (as is typically the case) you can ask it about details for things including sports, local traffic reports, games, jokes, and even the newly added Stranger Things voice commands. As of right now, this feature is limited to Spanish users in Spain though, meaning Spanish folks in Latin America will need to wait a bit longer for an official release.

Source: Official Blog of Google Spain