Google Assistant is Coming to New Connected Speakers and Appliances

Google Assistant is Coming to New Connected Speakers and Appliances

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IFA 2017 technically starts on September 1st and will last through the 6th, but companies tend to want to jump ahead of the frenzy and announce certain products a day early. This is what we’re seeing today with the announcement of three new Google Assistant smart speakers and some soon to be released home appliances that will utilize the platform as well. Google has announced that Google Assistant is coming to connected speakers from Mobvoi, Anker, Panasonic, and that appliances from LG will come later this year.

Google Assistant may have had a slow start since it was launched, but the company has been slowly growing and expanding its 3rd-party support. The Google Assistant SDK is really what enables these 3rd-party companies to use the platform in their products and this could result in a surge of new devices using it. At CES earlier this year, Amazon Alexa was in so many connected devices that it truly stole the show and many are hoping Google’s solution will have similar results.

As far as connected speakers are concerned, both Mobvoi, Anker and Panasonic have announced they have a few products for fans of Google Assistant. We don’t have any information about the Zolo Mojo from Anker, but landing pages are already up for the TicHome Mini by Mobvoi and the GA10 by Panasonic. The TicHome Mini is a portable connected speaker with full Google Assistant support, the ability to play music over WiFi or Bluetooth, and has IPX6 certification so it is splashproof.

The GA10 from Panasonic is a taller, more stationary connected speaker that could blend into a traditional living room setup. It is said to be made available sometime in early 2018 and is being marketed as a Hi-Fi music player with Google Assistant capabilities. The last announcement we have today about Google Assistant being embedded into a number of LG appliances later this year. We don’t have a full list right now, but Google does mention a washing machine, clothes dryer, and a vacuum.

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