[Update: More Actions] Google Assistant tests a more compact UI for setting reminders

[Update: More Actions] Google Assistant tests a more compact UI for setting reminders

Update (10/14/19 @ 10:40 AM ET): Google’s new compact UI for Google Assistant is now showing up for more actions.

While Google hasn’t officially revealed the Pixel 4 series, we know pretty much everything about the upcoming devices. Several leaks have surfaced over the past month, revealing most of the new hardware and software features. Among these is the new Google Assistant app that the company showcased at Google I/O earlier this year. The new app, which is expected to roll out with the launch of the Pixel 4, is touted to be much faster than the current app. We’ve previously seen demo videos of this new Assistant app that showcase the new UI in all its glory. And now, we’ve learned that Google may be testing the compact UI on a select few devices.


Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer argraur, we now have our first look at the compact Google Assistant UI for reminders. Unlike the current UI, which takes up all of the screen, this new UI just covers the bottom half of the display. This brings all of the reminder settings down towards the chin, making them easier to reach than in the older UI. Since the top half isn’t covered by the Assistant anymore, you’ll also be able to see other apps open in the background. As of now, there’s no information from the company regarding the new UI, but we expect to learn more as it makes its way to more devices. It’s worth noting that the new reminders UI shown in the screenshot below isn’t the same as the UI update expected to launch with the Pixel 4 series.

The updated Google Assistant app for the Pixel 4 series will have a colorful overlay right at the bottom of the display in place of the navigation bar. The recognized text is shown floating right above the bottom area, though the background is blurred around the text so you can easily see what the Assistant is recognizing. Although all of this is quite different from the screenshot attached above, we’ve seen that the new UI to set alarms has been designed just like the one for reminders. It’s compact, doesn’t cover up most of the display and it’s closer to the bottom for easy access. This leads us to believe that Google might push the UI changes following the Pixel 4 launch, which is just around the corner.

Update: More Actions

Google is testing the new compact UI for Google Assistant with more actions. The screenshots above show the old and new UI for creating an alarm. On the left, the UI takes up the entire screen. On the right, the UI slides up from the bottom and you can still see the current app in the background. We expect this updated UI to roll out with the Pixel 4. Here are some more examples of the compact UI:

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