Google Assistant now lets you buy groceries from Walmart, gets integrated into Chrome OS’ app launcher

Google Assistant now lets you buy groceries from Walmart, gets integrated into Chrome OS’ app launcher

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Google Assistant, since its initial inception in 2016, has become a boon for everyday users. Far from being a glorified chatbot like other assistants out there, the Google Assistant now pulls off amazing things like helping you throughout your day and even going so far as picking up calls for you, with the potential of becoming much, much more capable in the future. And since it’s everywhere–in your Google Home device, on your phone, in your watch, on your TV–and it’s reaching more places as we speak, it can help you anytime. It gains features as it grows, too. And today, it is getting a couple of improvements, particularly related to grocery shopping and Chromebooks.

Now, the Google Assistant is aiming to make grocery shopping easier with Walmart. Users can easily do their grocery shopping while at home or on the go by saying “Hey Google, talk to Walmart.” With this feature, which is called “Walmart Voice Order” and is set to roll out to other voice assistants as well, the Google Assistant will then add stuff to your cart as you go: if you need milk, just say “add milk to my cart,” and the Assistant will make sure to add the specific milk you usually buy. This will then be delivered to your doorstep, making buying groceries easier than ever.

Additionally, the Google Assistant is now more deeply integrated into Chromebooks. Now, when searching something on the search bar, you’ll get a contextual Assistant button within the search results. It’s not much, but it allows you to quickly call the Assistant and tell it commands right from the search bar.

We’re expecting this to be the beginning of even deeper integration between the Google Assistant and Chrome OS–we might even start seeing some of this stuff during Google’s upcoming I/O 2019. And with users getting new features like Walmart’s Voice Order, this integration becomes increasingly more useful.

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