New Google Assistant rolling out on Wear OS with smart responses and audible answers

New Google Assistant rolling out on Wear OS with smart responses and audible answers

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The latest version of the Google Assistant is currently rolling out on Wear OS (previously known as Android Wear) and comes with smart responses, audible answers, and actions that you can tap for ease of use, just like on your smartphone. It also means that when you ask it a question, your watch will actually play the answer out loud for you, instead of you having to read it. It’s the small things that the Google Assistant was missing on Wear OS that made it lackluster in comparison to its more fleshed out counterpart on other devices.

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That’s not to say that it works perfectly. Many users are reporting on Reddit that it lags hugely. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Google Assistant related lag either, where “Ok Google” detection was found to be causing device-wide slowdowns a few months ago. Still, if it’s only lagging within the application then it’s not a huge deal as users can simply avoid it and hope for optimization in the future. With smartwatches on the way up, it’s about time we saw more and more complete functionality ported over to our wearable devices. Google will have to continue to improve Wear OS if they want to compete with the likes of Fitbit, Samsung, and Apple.

There are over 1 million different actions you can do with the Google Assistant, and all of them have been brought over in this update. When you ask a question, suggested actions will allow you to continue talking to the Google Assistant simply by tapping. These actions aren’t just restricted to mundane tasks like the weather either – you can preheat a smart oven simply by using your smartwatch, for example. It’s not just great for being able to check the news or the weather, it can integrate into your home as well.

Source: /r/WearOS