Google Assistant’s daily overview now shows recipe suggestions

Google Assistant’s daily overview now shows recipe suggestions

Most people think of voice commands when they interact with Google Assistant, but the mobile app also features a daily overview. This overview page has never really been given a clear name. Google refers to it as a “visual overview of your day,” but it’s also been called “Today” and the “Feed.” Regardless, this interface is now getting recipe suggestions.

Google Assistant’s daily overview shows things like the weather, calendar events, packages on their way, and many other things. It’s a useful one-stop-shop for a lot of things you might be interested in seeing. Recently, users have noticed a new “Plan today’s meals” card with recipe suggestions. When the card is expanded, there are buttons for more food-related search queries. The suggestions are likely created based on your search history.


google assistant recipe suggestions

While recipe suggestions may be useful to some people, they might be unwanted for others. Unfortunately, the recipe card can’t be removed as other cards can. Not from the overview UI or the Google Assistant settings. I search for recipes a lot and I’m not seeing this card yet, so it might not be fully rolled out yet. Hopefully, Google will add more customization to it in the future.

This feature brings up a question: do you use the Google Assistant overview? I can’t say that it’s something I open very often. The provided information seems useful, but it’s just not a feature I think to use a lot. Adding cards that can’t be removed is a sure way to turn more people off, too.

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