Google’s At A Glance widget prepares to add support for showing work calendar notifications

Google’s At A Glance widget prepares to add support for showing work calendar notifications

Google’s “At A Glance” is a simple yet useful widget. The widget changes the information it presents to you dynamically based on what might be relevant to you at a specific time. At A Glance was introduced as a simple time & weather widget exclusively as part of the Pixel launcher. It was eventually made available to other users and can now show alerts related to traffic, your upcoming flights, and calendar events. Google was also looking to expand the scope of this widget with new alerts for upcoming reminders, alarms, and more data from Google Assistant. Now, the widget is looking at another expansion, by showing off data from the work profile on the phone.


Previously, our Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rahman, managed to activate three new options in the preferences for At A Glance on his Google Pixel 4. These new additions were in the form of “Reminders”, “Alarms”, and “Experiments” (for new Google Assistant actions), but these additions have still yet to roll out to all users who are currently restricted to “Calendar events,” “Upcoming flight information,” and “Traffic information”. Now, Mishaal has managed to manually enable a new At A Glance option in the Google App v11.9.14.29. This option will allow the widget to show alerts from the device’s work profile. Alerts within the category will likely include calendar events as well as other alerts from the work profile.

At A Glance widget is part of the Google app. There is no information on when Google will open up these options to all users. For now, most users will have to stay content with “Calendar events,” “Upcoming flight information,” and “Traffic information” alerts. You can open preferences by long-pressing on the widget or by going to Home Settings > At A Glance to check which alert options are available to you on your device.

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