Google’s Big Android BBQ Opening Keynote – XDA TV

Google’s Big Android BBQ Opening Keynote – XDA TV

To kick off the great presentations at this years Big Android BBQ Googlers Reto Meier, Timothy Jordan and Chet Haase talk about Android’s progression from the beginning to now the time of Android’s version 5 release Lollipop – oddly timed to match the fifth Big Android BBQ. The talk starts with a discussion of Android over the years and the drive to keep innovating.

With speakers like Reto Meier, a manager of Google’s Scalable Developer Advocacy team, and Timothy Jordan, a Senior Developer Advocate at Google for Google Glass and Android Wear, you are going to get more than just a marketing talk. This group spoke more specifically about the many facets of Android and the additional features of Android 5.0 Lollipop. From the purpose of material design and more. If you missed it check out this video below!

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