Google, Bertelsmann, & Udacity to Offer 10,000 Android Scholarships for EU Developers

Google, Bertelsmann, & Udacity to Offer 10,000 Android Scholarships for EU Developers

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Estimates peg the current number of active Android developers residing in the EU at 1.3 million.

Out of this group of developers, a recent report claims that just under half (42 percent) are self taught. As such, Google has recognized the need to reach out to these self-taught developers in order to foster independent development on Android. Therefore, Google has recently announced an initiative to fund 10,000 Android Developer training scholarships for developers residing in the EU. 9,000 of these scholarships will be specifically targeted towards aspiring developers getting their feet wet in the Android Basics course. The remaining 1,000 scholarships will be aimed at experienced developers who will benefit from the Associate Android Developer Fast Track, the training course required to receive the official Android Developer certification.

Google has announced a partnership with the international media enterprise Bertelsmann in this endeavor, which will be shifting part of their skill-building and training budgets across their nearly 1,000 businesses towards ICT. Furthermore, Google will also partner with Udacity to offer Nanodegree scholarships.  This partnership will begin next year, and will offer about 2,000 Android developers from Europe a chance at obtaining one of these Nanodegree scholarships.

In order to apply, all you have to do is visit a special Udacity landing page for more details about the available scholarships. Remember, these scholarships are only available to European residents and applications for the scholarships must be sent by December 18th of this year. Winners of the 9,000 Android Beginner Path and 1,000 Android Programmer Path scholarships will be chosen on January 5th of the upcoming year. There aren’t special restrictions to apply for the Android Beginner Path scholarship, but the Android Programmer Path does require that you have at least 1 year of programming experience under your belt.
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