Google is killing off its standalone Bookmarks service

Google is killing off its standalone Bookmarks service

Pour one out for yet another Google service getting shut down. Google Bookmarks is a service that has been around for a long time, since it was first launched in 2005. All major web browsers include bookmarking, and with the advent of cloud syncing, your bookmarks can remain the same across device. Google Bookmarks, though, is completely separate from browser bookmarking, even from Google Chrome bookmarking. It’s a barebones service that allows users to bookmark links or notes and access them from any device or computer. Now, the service is being shut down in September.

Unlike other Google services being killed off, I don’t think Bookmarks will be missed a lot. I didn’t remember it actually still existed: I quickly glanced over it and apparently I, myself, haven’t used it since 2010. The service itself also looks very dated even today, with the UI resembling the old Holo days a lot. And Google isn’t even making a huge deal out of its removal. It doesn’t have an Android app or even an actual logo.


If my last Google Bookmarks item was a kid, they would be starting 6th grade next year.

But while most of us might not use it, its removal might actually have an effect on some apps we actually use in our daily lives. As noted by 9to5Google, Google Maps’ Starred locations are actually held within Google Bookmarks, and the service being sunset might have an effect on that given how Starred locations and Google Bookmarks still sync.

The service will be killed off by September 30th, so during the ensuing 2-month period from this article’s publishing date, Google might actually transition the Starred location list away from Google Maps. If they don’t, though, that list might be removed once October is here. Not everything is bad news, though. If you’re worried about the Starred list disappearing (which is not something Google said would happen), there’s the option to “Export bookmarks” in Google Bookmarks, or you can switch your Starred locations to another list given that only the “Starred” list syncs with Bookmarks.

Aside from that specific side effect, I don’t think it will be missed a lot.

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