Google brings back capacitive media controls on the Nest Mini, adds speaker pairing for stereo sound

Google brings back capacitive media controls on the Nest Mini, adds speaker pairing for stereo sound

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The Google Home Mini was first launched back in 2017 and shortly after the launch Google had to disable its top touch functionality due to a hardware bug. The bug caused the Home Mini to wake up thousands of times a day, flashing its lights and even attempting to answer some random queries. It was also recording everything 24/7 and sending the data to Google servers which raised privacy concerns. Now, with the launch of the new Nest Mini, Google has brought back capacitive media controls once again.

As reported by Android Police, the new Nest Mini will feature the capacitive play/pause button that was previously disabled on the Home Mini. The company seems to have addressed the bug and has confirmed that the device will ship with three functional touch controls. However, as an added precaution, these controls no longer have the ability to trigger the Google Assistant. This is expected to further limit errant behavior in case a similar bug pops up again.

It’s also worth noting that the Nest Mini, unlike its predecessor, includes support for stereo pairing. According to Variety, this feature will allow users to connect two Nest Minis together for stereo sound. Even though Google didn’t mention this feature on stage at the recent event, it has confirmed that the feature is included in the smart speaker. As of now, we aren’t sure whether this feature will be pushed to the original Home Mini via a software update.

The new Nest Mini is a significant upgrade over the Home Mini and it packs in a number of improvements. Google claims that the new smart speaker offers better audio quality, better Assistant response times, and even features a wall-mounting slot on the back. The device is still priced at an affordable $49 and is available in four color options – Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, and a new blue “Sky” color. Unlike the Pixel 4 series, the Nest Mini will also be sold in the Indian market.

Source: Android Police, Variety

Via: Android Police