Google Brings Machine Learning to Google Play Music

Google Brings Machine Learning to Google Play Music

Google has just announced a brand new update to their music streaming service, Google Play Music. The new design and features will begin rolling out to Android, iOS and the web starting this week, and Google says it will be made available to 62 countries around the world.

As with most of these app updates though, it will be rolled out gradually to users. So, you can either wait patiently for the update to be pushed to your device, or you can sideload the update when it becomes available.

The first thing you’ll notice about this update is its new design. Google wanted to make the application easier to use so it redesigned the home page. So as soon as you launch the Google Play Music application, you’ll be greeted with some personalized suggestions about what it thinks you want to listen to based on what you like. The more you use the service, and the more you tell it what you like and dislike, the more useful this home screen will become.

Presenting you with music you like isn’t enough for Google though, they wanted to take it a step further. So they have integrated the company’s machine learning technology into the service. This means that it will use other pieces of information (if you agree to it) about you to offer some music. For instance, it can offer you a workout playlist when it detects you are at the gym. Or it can offer you a specific genre that it knows you like to listen to while you’re at work.

Also, if you subscribe to the Google Play Music service (by itself or via YouTube Red), then it can prepare an offline playlist based on what you were listening to, just in case you lose connection to the internet.

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