Google Calendar now lets you Change Event Times with a Drag and Drop

Google Calendar now lets you Change Event Times with a Drag and Drop

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Google Calendar has been my go-to calendar app for years, and while I’ve been happy with most features of the app during this time, one feature that’s been noticeably absent for a while is the ability to drag and drop events to different times. Thankfully, with the latest update to version 5.7.29 of the Google Calendar app, this is no longer a missing feature.

In order to move an event from one time slot to another one, hold down on the event you want to change, wait for the small vibration, and then move it to the new time. It’s a pretty basic feature, but it makes moving appointments/meetings around considerably easier than opening the event and manually adjusting the time.

Changing an event with the new drag and drop functionality will show a small snackbar at the bottom of your screen, and if you move an event by accident or to the wrong time/date, you can tap the undo button to revert your action. Drag and drop functionality works in Google Calendar’s Day, 3 Day, and Week views. The Month and Schedule options aren’t currently supported, and there’s no word as to whether or not this will change at some point down the road.

The update to version 5.7.29 of Google Calendar is available now in the Play Store, but if the update isn’t showing up for you, you can download the APK file below.

Source: r/Android Download the Google Calendar APK