Google Calendar finally begins testing integration with Google Tasks

Google Calendar finally begins testing integration with Google Tasks

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Google launched a standalone app for Google Tasks way back in April last year. And since then, users have requested seamless Tasks integration in Google Calendar. Google has been working on the Tasks integration for a while now and we spotted the feature in one of our recent teardowns. The APK teardown revealed strings of code highlighting the upcoming functionality and mentioned a new task button, prompts to create repeating tasks, and task descriptions among other things. It seems like the feature is now close to release as it can now be manually triggered in the latest release of Google Calendar.

XDA’s Mishaal Rahman managed to manually enable the new Google Tasks integration in version 2019.47.2-284533606-release of the Google Calendar app. As you can see in the screenshots above, the app now has a new Task button which allows you to quickly add a task just like you would add a reminder or a goal. You just need to tap on the new task button, select a date, select your task, choose if you wish the task to repeat or not and you’re done.

The Tasks you add in the Google Calendar app appear just like your reminders in the calendar view. To help you easily differentiate between tasks and other calendar entries, the app also lets you select a different accent color for tasks and set up different notification sounds.  The Google Tasks notification looks like any other notification pushed from the Google Calendar and you can easily dismiss it by tapping on Done.

What’s really great about the Tasks integration is that all of the aforementioned features work even if you don’t have the Google Tasks app on your phone. You’ll only be prompted to launch the dedicated Tasks app if you open the task view (either from the calendar view or from a notification), tap on the overflow menu (as seen in the screenshot to the right above), and tap on the “View in Tasks” action (not shown). Considering that Tasks integration has finally reached the testing phase, it shouldn’t be long before Google officially rolls it out to users.