Google Calendar adds cross-profile work and personal account support

Google Calendar adds cross-profile work and personal account support

Update (11/11/2020 @ 06:18 PM ET): Google Calendar is now rolling out the ability to see your personal calendar events when you’re using a work profile on Android 11. Click here for more information. The article as published on September 9, 2020, is preserved below.

Work profiles in Android let you keep your work and personal life separate by isolating all apps and synced account information from the personal profile. But there are some disadvantages to using a work profile on your device. For instance, several calendar apps, including Google Calendar, don’t support cross-profile calendar sync. This means that you have to check the calendar app in each profile to make sure you don’t miss an appointment. To address this issue, Google added support for cross-profile calendar visibility in Android 10. But in order to enable the feature, calendar apps have to be updated to support the new APIs.


Google Calendar cross-profile visibility

Google has been working on bringing cross-profile visibility support to Google Calendar for a few months now. Evidence regarding the feature was first spotted in an APK teardown of Google Calendar version 2020.14-1 earlier this year. And now, the company has finally confirmed that cross-profile calendar support will be added to the app soon. In a recent blog post titled Championing employee privacy, productivity with Android 11, the company notes:

“Google Calendar will soon allow people to see personal events in their work calendar, helping to better schedule around commitments across their day. Personal calendar events will remain privately stored on device in the personal file, invisible to both colleagues and IT.”

Interestingly, the blog post also mentions a new secure mechanism for merged experiences that will allow trusted apps to connect between work and personal profiles. This leads us to believe that the cross-profile visibility feature won’t be limited to calendar apps, and we could see more apps receive similar functionality in the near future. As of now, Google hasn’t shared a release timeline for cross-profile visibility on Google Calendar. We will update this post as soon as the feature starts rolling out to users.

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Update: Rolling Out

In a post on the Google Workspace Updates blog, Google confirmed that it’s now rolling out cross-profile calendar visibility in the Google Calendar app. If you’re using a work profile and your device is running Android 11, you’ll be able to connect your personal and work Google Calendar profiles so you don’t have to exit your work profile to see your personal events. Google says this feature is gradually rolling out starting today, but before you can enable this feature in the app, your Google Workspace admin has to enable it.

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