Google Camera 6.3 leaks from Android Q beta 5, moves Night Sight into the main UI

Google Camera 6.3 leaks from Android Q beta 5, moves Night Sight into the main UI

The Night Sight feature in Google Camera has been one of the most sought after feature since Google launched it a few weeks after the Pixel 3 series launch. Not only has Night Sight charmed Pixel users but, it has also resulted in the eruption of dedicated Night modes on a score of non-Google smartphones as well as a surge in the popularity of the unofficial Google Camera mods. Taking note of this, Google is now promoting the Night Sight feature and making it much more easily accessible than before.

With Google Camera 6.3, Night Sight has been moved out of the More tab and into the main Camera UI. While Night Sight now sits in the main UI next to Portrait mode, it has evidently replaced the Panorama mode, which is now located in the More tab in the same place as Night Sight was earlier. The Camera app still prompts you to switch to Night Sight in dark ambiances with the help of the blue pill-shaped indicator, presumably to make the feature’s new location more apparent to users.


Along with the relocation of the Night Sight option, the white balance and color temperature options have been dropped from the Google Camera app with this update. Google can be expected to give its constantly improving AI to take up this duty of automatically managing the white balance. Meanwhile, there the “Flash” for selfies, which brightens up the interface to emulate a soft flashlight, is now called “Illuminate.” There’s, however, no change in terms of how it works.

While the current version of the Google Camera available via the Play Store is 6.2 while the version 6.3 was extracted from the Android Q beta 5 build which leaked recently, only a few days ahead of the official release. Although the Camera app came from the Android Q build, it can be installed on any Pixel device running Android Pie.

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