Download: Google Camera 7.1 rolling out with new UI, Framing hints, and Social Share

Download: Google Camera 7.1 rolling out with new UI, Framing hints, and Social Share

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Last month, we got our hands on a leaked version of Google Camera 7.0 from a pre-release Pixel 4 XL. The newer APK had a redesigned UI that placed the camera modes below the shutter button and hid the settings for each camera mode, requiring you to swipe down from up top to show them. This leaked APK was notably a “dogfood” build, ie. an internal release intended for only Googlers to test, so it wasn’t meant to be used by the public. Now, Google Camera 7.1 is rolling out on the Play Store, and it brings the new UI and a few new features, too.

The biggest change in this new release is obviously the new UI, but we’ve already gone over this change in-depth in a previous article. Apart from the new UI, I did notice that the new app version has renamed “camera coaching” as “framing hints” and has added the new “social share” feature. We first detailed Social Share in a recent Pixel 4 leak, but basically this feature lets you quickly share a photo to a social/messaging app of your choice. All you have to do is swipe up on the preview of the picture you recently took and then select one of the apps from the options that appear (up to 3 of your choice.)

The framing hints simply help you take better photos by making recommendations when you aren’t holding your phone properly. For example, it’ll tell you when you should reposition your angle when taking a selfie. I noticed this when I switched to the front camera on the Pixel 3 XL, and Google Camera 7.0 immediately told me to raise the camera up for a better angle since I was holding my phone at chest level.

We’re still looking around in Google Camera 7.1 and will update this article if we find more user-facing features. We’re also going to do a deep dive into the code to see if we can learn more about the Pixel 4 camera features.

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