Google Camera 7.5 changes the file naming scheme and stops saving portrait photos in separate folders

Google Camera 7.5 changes the file naming scheme and stops saving portrait photos in separate folders

Google Camera 7.5, the latest version of the camera app for Google Pixel smartphones, had earlier been spotted throwing around hints for the Pixel 4a 5G (bramble) and Pixel 5 (redfin), alongside hints for features such as audio zoom, expanded social share, and more camera modes. The same version of the app also brings around some more changes, notably a change in the file naming scheme for photos and finally stopping the behavior for saving portrait photos in a separate folder.

According to reports by AndroidPolice, Google Camera version 7.5 will switch over to a different file naming scheme. Instead of starting the file name with the prefix “IMG” as most smartphones do for their camera photos, this version will prefix “PXL”, followed by the date and time as per convention. This change will apply to all photos and videos, so Motion Photos, Night Sight clicks, and portraits will start with the same prefix and have different suffixes. A perhaps unintended side effect for the same would be that motion photos would now appear right alongside the rest of the images.


The new naming scheme in Google Camera 7.5

Further, in Google Camera 7.5, portrait photos will no longer be saved into their own folders, which is a move that is likely to be appreciated by everyone. On older versions, any portrait pics that you clicked would be saved inside individual folders within the DCIM/Camera directory, which was frankly a terrible implementation. Using most gallery solutions would mean that you had to venture into each individual folder to check out the images, plus your photos would not show up chronologically, and deleting the pictures would still leave you with empty folders. The entire situation was a mess, exacerbated further if you had multiple devices, and used a central solution for online backups.

Portrait photos now get saved in the main folder, as they should have in the first place

Thankfully, the portrait photos issues should now be fixed under the new naming scheme, as the photos are saved directly under the DCIM/Camera folder. The issue could have been fixed without the naming scheme changes too, but this is the combination of changes that you get for now. The new Google Camera 7.5 is sideloadable on Android 11 betas, so try it out if you are running the latest builds.

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