Google Camera 8.2 makes it even easier to quickly take videos

Google Camera 8.2 makes it even easier to quickly take videos

Over the years, Google has made changes to its Camera app that have refined the experience, and the company is making yet another tweak that will improve how you use it.

In Google Camera 8.2.204, users will be able to record hands-free video with just a few swipes. The feature builds on a quick capture setting that was originally introduced in Google Camera 7.1 alongside the Pixel 4’s release. The feature lets you quickly start a video capture (without changing to the “Video” mode) by pressing and holding your finger on the shutter button.

In older versions of the Google Camera app, you would have to press and hold your finger on the shutter button – if you moved your finger away, the video recording would stop. Now, in Google Camera 8.2.204, you can move your finger to the left to enter “hands-free” mode, which continues the recording even when you lift your finger. You can also move your finger up to zoom in or move your finger down to zoom out. It’s a really easy way to quickly shoot hands-free video — and you can do it all with a few swipes.


The video above shows how easy it is to use the new feature — and I’m sure a lot of you are saying, “Finally!” This is one of those tweaks you probably always wanted and should improve your everyday experience with the Google Camera app. This feature will come in handy when your hands are occupied but you still need to easily record a quick video.

Keeping your finger pressed down on the shutter button doesn’t sound particularly inconvenient. But quickly locking the button down means you can better focus on what you’re recording rather than focusing on whether your finger is still pressed down on the button. It’s the little things that wind up making a bigger difference in your everyday experience.

Google Camera 8.2.204 is rolling out now and should be available more widely in the coming days. The new feature follows another update that allowed Pixel owners to disable auto Night Sight.

Thanks to XDA Senior Member cstark27 for the tip!

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