Download Google Camera port with Night Sight for the Xiaomi POCO F1/Mi 8

Download Google Camera port with Night Sight for the Xiaomi POCO F1/Mi 8

Google’s Night Sight feature lets the Google Pixel 3 and other supported devices take surprisingly good low light photos. Rather than use the conventional LED flash to illuminate the scene, Night Sight utilizes machine learning to assess the context and choose the right colors, allowing the user to take detailed low-noise pictures in super low light. The difference between a Night Sight shot and even an HDR+ shot is night and day. In situations where even your eyes may not be able to pick out details due to the darkness, Night Sight actually manages to capture a picture that isn’t pitch black. You can see Night Sight in action on the Google Pixel 3 in our dedicated article.


If you’re looking to try out Night Sight, but don’t have the Pixel, Pixel 2 or Pixel 3, you can try out the ports available for various devices. There are ports available for the Xiaomi Mi 5 and the Essential Phone PH-1, as well as the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. Now you can add in the Xiaomi Mi 8 and the POCO F1 to this list, thanks to B-S-G from the 4PDA forums.

We tried out the port on the POCO F1, and you can clearly see the difference that Night Sight makes to low-light casual photography:

Night Sight on the Xiaomi POCO F1 (Modded Google Camera)

This modded Google Camera port works on Android 9 Pie ROMs or MIUI Pie Beta ROMs. Working features on this modded app include Night Sight, ZSL HDR+, HDR+ Enhanced, portrait mode on the front and the back camera as well as video recording up to 4K 30FPS. This is a work-in-progress port, so there are a few bugs related to EIS, video focus and slow-motion quality. But since you can use the app alongside the stock camera app of your ROM, you aren’t totally left without substitute solutions. You can follow along the XDA thread created on the topic to discuss the same with other users.

Download Google Camera Port with Night Sight for the Xiaomi MI 8 and POCO F1

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