Google Camera port greatly improves pictures on the Razer Phone 2

Google Camera port greatly improves pictures on the Razer Phone 2

Over the years we’ve watched as Android smartphones have evolved in a number of different ways. Increased performance, smoother software experience, and higher quality build materials have all helped to mature the industry. Lately, though, the hardware that we’re seeing put inside these devices are nearly identical. From OEMs sourcing displays from Samsung and LG to the SoC being provided by Qualcomm, and the camera sensors being provided by Sony. With so many devices using the same camera sensor, it’s surprising to see how drastic the photo quality can be different from device to device. Of course, this is due to the software and application ports (like we’ve seen with the Google Camera) have drastically improved the performance of devices such as the Razer Phone 2.


Each smartphone manufacturer gets to pick and choose how much they are investing in a certain phone and then they divide that among the different divisions within the company. So companies like Razer are likely putting more resources into the design and marketing (and even mobile game studio partnerships) than others. This leaves fewer resources for other aspects (such as the camera) so that even though it’s using the same sensor as another device, the performance is going to be much different due to the post-processing of the software.

This isn’t to say the photos from the Razer Phone 2 are horrible, but they simply aren’t as good as others. And this is where we’ve seen the Google Camera port come into play for so many devices. Our own team member, TK Bay from XDA TV, recently tried a Google Camera port from B-S-G on the Razer Phone 2 and saw some drastic improvements.

Here are some before (stock camera app) and after shots (Google Camera port) using the Razer Phone 2.

I’m not a photography expert by any means, but it’s clear how much better the Google Camera application port performs on the Razer Phone 2. This is all thanks to the work that Google has put into their application combined with the community developers who have been able to get it working on other devices.

To achieve this on the Razer Phone 2, you’ll want to hit the link down below and grab the latest (as of writing this) Google Camera port for the Xiaomi Mi 8 by B-S-G.

Download B-S-G port for Xiaomi Mi 8 (works for Razer Phone 2)

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