Google Camera port brings HDR+ and Night Sight to the Razer Phone

Google Camera port brings HDR+ and Night Sight to the Razer Phone

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Not all smartphone OEMs have the resources or the talent to bring out the best in their cameras. Most smartphones these days are using the same camera modules as other devices, so the differences in photo quality boil down to the post-processing that the smartphone OEM can add in. There was a time when poor photo quality was more forgivable, but this has changed drastically over the last few years. However, some OEMs still can’t dedicate that much time and employee resources into their cameras. The Razer Phone is one such device with an average camera.

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Thankfully though, Google is one of those companies that does have those types of resources and they have proven it time and time again with their Google Pixel phones. And since they aren’t tied down to some heavy, proprietary framework, this means Google Camera ports have become quite popular. We recently showed you how much better the Razer Phone 2 was with the Google Camera and now XDA Retired Recognized Developer HomerSp has created a port (which includes HDR+ and Night Sight) for the original Razer Phone. Check it out below in our forums!

Check out this port in our Razer Phone forum