Google Camera Wear OS app updated with viewfinder, shutter, and more

Google Camera Wear OS app updated with viewfinder, shutter, and more

With the advent of the Pixel 3, the Google Camera application has undergone a lot of changes. Revered for the HDR+ algorithms that make it one of the best mobile phone cameras around, it’s no wonder that the community has somewhat whipped itself up into a frenzy over a potential port to other devices. Features like Night Sight and Top Shot puts the Google Camera app leaps and bounds ahead of even its previous version. With external microphone support and time-lapse support on the way, it’s becoming a much better camera app than what the rest can offer. Now it’s getting better even on Wear OS, as the app has been updated to support the viewfinder, shutter, and more.


The Wear OS application has been somewhat abandoned in the past, with it simply giving you the option to remotely take a picture. The problem was that you couldn’t actually see what you were taking a picture of, and you definitely couldn’t do anything more advanced than that either. Now, not only can you view your camera’s viewfinder on your wrist before taking the photo, but you can switch on a timer or flip the camera around to the front camera as well. It even works with your phone screen entirely switched off.

Photo credits: /u/AimarChirico

The Google Camera 6.1 application hasn’t been fully ported to other devices yet, however, apparently installing the latest APK on the Google Pixel 2 makes it work as well. It’ll update the app on your watch so that you can avail of the new features. If it’ll be updated with even more features is yet to be seen, but it’s a perfect addition even just for group photos. It doesn’t really need to be a fully comprehensive application, as that would result in it being clunky as well. If you have a Google Pixel 3 and a Wear OS smartwatch, you should already have the new Wear OS app downloaded.

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Price: Free

Source: /u/AimarChirico on /r/WearOS

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