Google Chrome 84 will automatically minimize abusive permission/notification requests

Google Chrome 84 will automatically minimize abusive permission/notification requests

Earlier this year, Google Chrome 80 started making website notification prompts less intrusive. These “quieter” notifications were enabled by default for people who typically block notification requests and on sites with low opt-in rates. Google is taking the next step on combatting websites that abuse notifications and permissions requests.

There are several ways in which websites can abuse permission and notification requests. Most of the time the notification requests are just plain annoying, but they can be deceptive as well. A website could require the user to enable notifications in order to access the content. Fake chat messages and warnings are another common misleading tactic to get the user to allow permissions. Starting in Chrome 84, the browser will automatically minimize these abusive requests.


desktop UI

Websites with abusive permission requests and notifications will automatically be enrolled in Google Chrome’s aforementioned quieter notification UI. In addition, notification prompts will advise users that the site may be trying to trick them. If a website requires notifications to view content, you’ll see a message that reads “This site may be trying to trick you into allowing intrusive notifications” when accessing the menu.

mobile UI

The warning message will appear on Chrome for desktop and mobile, as shown above. Site owners can check the Search Console to see if they have received any Abusive Notifications Reports. For users, these changes will only apply to new notification requests, but in the future, Google may add protections for permissions that have already been granted from abusive sites.

Google Chrome 84 is set to be released to stable on July 14th, 2020.

Source: Google

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