Google Chrome 61 Beta to Include the Web Share API, WebUSB, and More

Google Chrome 61 Beta to Include the Web Share API, WebUSB, and More

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Google has been working on integrating its Payment Request API into Chrome for quite some time. Back in May of this year, they officially adopted this new API to allow you to pay for purchases from 3rd-party websites within Chrome. We’re still waiting for companies to adopt this new API system, but this is huge as checkout pages from most online merchants are a hassle to deal with. Now it looks like they’re bringing this feature to the desktop version with Chrome 61 Beta.

The Google Chrome team recently made headlines when they actually implemented an ad blocker into the canary build of Chrome. Many didn’t think Google would do this at all, let alone so quickly, when they talked about it earlier this year. As the team moves forward, the have just released some details about features coming in the new beta build of Chrome 61. As mentioned, a big update here is the inclusion of the Payment Request API for desktop versions of the browser.

However, there are other changes that will impact the mobile browser here as well. The first that the team mentions is JavaScript modules which will allow developers to declare a script’s dependencies. This is something that is already popular in some 3rd-party build tools and this update will add native support for JavaScript modules via the new <script type=module> element. Support for this new feature enables the browser to fetch granular dependencies in parallel, which allows them to take advantage of caching and avoiding duplication across the page.

Google Chrome 61 Beta also brings us the Web Share API to let people easily share content on websites such as social networks, cloud storage services, and more. The last feature mentioned in this update is support for the WebUSB API which will allow web apps to communicate with peripherals (assuming the user has given consent).

Source: Chromium Blog