Google Chrome for Android is getting a ‘close all tabs’ button

Google Chrome for Android is getting a ‘close all tabs’ button

One of the best (or worst, depending on your opinion) inventions of the Internet Age has been tabs. If you’re like most internet users, you probably have multiple browser tabs open at all times. Whether you’re saving an article to read later, doing research for a school paper, or you wandered down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, it’s easy to find yourself with dozens of tabs open. Chrome for Android will soon make it easier to close them all in one swift action.

chrome close all tabs

The screenshot above is from Chrome Canary for Android with the horizontal tab switcher flag enabled. As you can see, in the bottom left corner there is a new button to close all open tabs. This is a simple feature, but it’s surprisingly easy to end up with dozens of open browser tabs on your phone. Chrome will put tabs to sleep when they haven’t been opened in a while, so you shouldn’t have to worry about data/battery usage. But if you just want to start from scratch, this is a handy shortcut.


This feature is not showing up in Chrome Dev yet, so we still have some time to wait before it reaches the beta and stable channels.

Chrome Canary (Unstable)
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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