Google Chrome for Android can now define words with a single tap

Google Chrome for Android can now define words with a single tap

Google Chrome for Android has a variety of tools to help you quickly perform tasks without leaving your current tab. This includes different actions for a single-tap and a long-press. Long-pressing on a word will give you the ability to select text, copy, share, do a web search, and more. A single-tap could previously perform a quick search for the word, but now it appears to be able to define words as well.

As you can see in the example above, Chrome’s existing “touch to search” feature brings up a bottom bar with a very brief description that allows you to pull up to see the full results. The third screenshot above shows a word on the same web page highlighted with a single-tap, but this time Chrome is showing a dictionary definition complete with a pronunciation guide. Pulling up the tab displays the full search results including results from Google’s Knowledge Graph in the same way as before.


We’re not sure if this new functionality will continue to exist alongside the old “touch to search” feature or if it’s a further advancement. Right now, different words bring up different things, some with a more general description and others with the full definition. The new functionality feels like what happens on Kindle devices when you select a word.

We’re also not sure how widely this is rolling out. It’s working for me right now on stable Chrome for Android (v83.0.4103.106). It’s likely being enabled for users with a server-side switch. However, you can enable it right now by toggling the flag found at chrome://flags/#contextual-search-definitions.

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